We provide everything you need to expand your brand.


Our Mission

We have a mission: To help new, sustainable, and fair trade brands be noticed in the marketplace.

With a little over 10 years of experience in the industry, we now carry 50+ brands that are thriving in a growing environment that appreciates and seeks products that do not compromise consumers' health and minimize the impact on our planet.  We believe that giving back to our communities enables us to grow as ONE, together.


Our vision is to provide a multitude of sales channels for brands looking to increase their presence in the E-commerce and TV Market. We believe that by creating a more organic shopping experience with an eco-conscious supply chain, customers will naturally gravitate to the brands we promote. 

We work with major E-commerce sales sites globally as well as  TV shopping networks across the globe. We will help find the specific platform that's right for your brand and create brand exposure while improving peoples lives. 


What We've Achieved

  • We work with both brands and TV producers to ensure they have perfect synergy to ensure that viewers and customers are always seeing the latest and greatest products on the market.  

  • When your products are placed on TV or Radio, we will work to make sure millions of live engaged viewers will have easy access to purchase your products from their smartphones, tablets, computers, over the phone on your website,  partner site, or on a customized mini-site that we can help you design specifically for your upcoming feature.

  • Great Relationships with major TV shopping networks. 
  • Best placements in Online E-commerce Stores.